This could kick off a sh*tstorm

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  1. Muslim Brotherhood are part of new regime in Egypt. I read some reports saying that, Muslim Brotherhood wants Muslims to rule the world.

    I Forgot. Barack Obama is also a Muslim.
  2. I think this is good news. Now Israel can reclaim its land and push the palestinians into Egypt. Before Israel had nowhere to push the palestinians to. Now there is a hole in the fence to get them out of gaza.
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    Egypt is going transport missiles into Gaza on behalf of Iran and a proxy war will be started with Israel.

    Israel is going to be attacked by those emboldened by Barrack Obama.

    Obama thinks that if we throw Israel under the bus our problems with Islam are solved. He is a fool.
  4. Israel threatened war if Egypt did this, didnt they? Surprise this isn't huge news on msm yet..
  5. Obama is a carreer parasite but he is not stupid.He knows what he's doing for the islam. make no mistake about it.
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    Call it niativity or stupidity, Obama HAS one or both of those afflictions.
  7. Mission accomplished?
  8. Obama has set in motion a process that more or less guarantees war between egypt and israel. I wouldn't be surprised to see israel cut loose an all out nuclear attack on egypt and iran. Problem solved.
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    In fewer words, Obama has more or less guaranteed that he has solved another world problem.
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