This chit chat forum is way better

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Richard England, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. than any advice you could ever get on the trading forums (useless IMO). It's just terrific! Better than Drudge by a long shot!

    The only intelligent responses on this site. It needs to be moved way up to the front.
  2. Thanks, Richard...
  3. Thanks, Richard.

    And thanks for making direct reference to me.

    We're all just old lazy fat men in our 40's going through our mid-life crisis trying to find the cheapest viagra online but on here we're insane 14 year olds out of Mad Magazine.

    It's guys like me who make this forum what it is today - and I actually do without using all the smileys crap like less experienced insane 14 year olds use (proving that experience does matter).

    You're right about this being moved up front. They should put an actual headliner for Chit Chat on the main section.

    Bitch to Baron about it in Feedback, and keep the good reviews coming! (Our fragile egos need it).

    Trade Off
  4. I got 10x more posts than you... looser...

    I am the KING OF ELITETRADER....

  5. Alright fine...but then can I be the QUEEN OF ELITETRADER?
  6. looser??? candle, it is loser not looser. i took candle off ignore after a year and i see he is no longer a war monger. candle, why did you flip flop again? hard to take anything you say seriously.
  7. LMAO!
  8. I... think... you already are... by default.
  9. I know some women disguise on forums because they know how sexists men are so you can't know really :D

  10. balda


    I usually cannot understand a word from a woman untill I see her naked.
    Harry are you a woman?
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