this can be a problem-------

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Warrior4g, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. import prices came in MUCH HIGHER than estimates. could it be that the weak dollar is finally taking its toll in imports.
  2. Its already priced in, everyone knows imports are going to be more expensive, look how pathetic the dollar has been.
  3. again i reiterate,the import price number was much higher than expected.
  4. futures already showing strength

    qqqq up 10 cents AH and rising
  5. do you realize you were quoting the mkt 2 minutes after it closed?
  6. I think what is happening is China is doing so much production themselves in so many areas their imports are starting to scale back drastically. This is scary and counter to everything we have been told about US companies rushing into China. Basically once they get their they are going to find Chinese companies already set up offering a similar product. China is not label aware like Japan, if the pocketbook holds yuan and stock certificates it works. This is big trouble for all our imports into China. ~ stoney
  7. simply put, a very weak dollar will eventually cause inflation:especially on imports.
  8. yep the more imports increase the greater the demand to raise rates, also don't know why US wants the yuan to float freely when that would cause inflation to soar