This bubble is rediculous!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. It will be one nasty fall from here!
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    IMHO, as traders , we should not make the predictions, but just to follow the market.

    Therefore, if there will be a fall or a rise, nasty or sweet, from here or from there should be absolutely irrelevant for us.
  3. BlueStreek - why do you insist on posting new threads everyday saying the same thing? We all know you're bearish as hell and that you have been wrong so far. Maybe you'll end up right. Maybe not. Who cares? Please stop posting this rubbish.
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    I read recently that in 1929, both Rockerfeller and Jessie Livermore declared the end of the bear market. These guys were almost always right on the market hence their vast fortunes. The bear market lasted for years more.... if they can't call a market turn then why try.

    Wait for price to confirm your theories before you put down your money.
  5. Tell someone who cares.

    If it falls just make certain that you are short,
  6. Yeah but I'm guessing they managed to spell ridiculous correctly
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    as you have said in another thread, you are making money in the market, so why do you care?
  8. He's a paper trader that at one time in his life took finance and economics and thinks he knows something about the markets. If the market doesn't do what he thinks is logical then everyone is stupid and he is the only smart one. He is too emotional to ever become a successful trader so he is doomed. I just wish he had more money as he would be easy prey.
  9. Which market are you describing? Which measurement shows that market to be in a bubble?
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    THE TOP IS HERE!!!!!!!! 10:06 AM.
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