This broker is waooooooo, cheap fees

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Nana Trader, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. man those fees are sweet if all you trade is naswhack over ISLD

    listed limit fees are more than PD...and INCA fees are totally out of line...

  2. the Inca fee is pretty high too...11.00 /1000
  3. Do they mean $1 (for 1000 shars)+1.25 (software licensing)=
    total $ 2.25 for 1000 shares excted on island. right
  4. This broker has 4 plateforms, that two of them is difinitly
    better than point direx. If you do 152 small trades you
    get realtick and SE globe for free.

    Is there smart order routhing, which i cant see? there also no
    bullets? and no future trading.

    Btw , they have mentined they can give more compatitive
    prices for volume traders. Not bad haah..
  5. 4000 shares to buy going to trimark, how much will it cost total?
  6. how much per ticket charge before ecns/exchange fees?
  7. i'll check it out.

  8. while you are at it, why not see how much their mutual fund exchange charges are ?:p
    #10     Jun 11, 2003