This bothers me more than Madoff

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  1. F%#^$%^ing scum buying crap with food stamps.

    The whole food stamp program is being abused. And with YOUR blessing.

    Blessed are the takers of handouts , blessed are the gamers and scammers

    Saw some young guy with designer glasses buying a case of Aquafina water with welfare stamps. Perfectly capable of cleaning toilets or washing cars somewhere.

    Worse than Madoff. Much.

    Gimme yo monee sukker, I needs my H 2 Oh.
  2. This one individual is much worse than Madoff! Bernie destroyed whole families wealth, crashed charities such as Chais Family Foundation which distributed about $12.5 million annually. One guy wearing probably fake shades buying a less than premium bottled water with food stamps is in no way worse than Madoff.
  3. My next door neighbour has just given birth to beautiful twin girls unfortunately neither parent works which causes them great heartache now that they have four fucking smokers in the household...and a dog with an all night cough.

    p.s. might be off topic but they collect food stamps if that'll help keep this thread on track:cool:
  4. Which ET libturd was it?
  5. Must have been a relation of the Dragon.

    Typical libtard response, claiming the offence is a one off, single event , and not repeated MILLIONS OF TIMES A DAY.

  6. I hate it when I have to cancel my vacation to Tunisia


    Without welfare and food stamps, this would be us.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. ITS ......DAMIEN ...THE ANTI CHRIST. 666.
  9. So you're on food stamps?
  10. The guy in the background makes me wonder that at times it must really suck to be in the secret service.

    I mean consider the conundrum of vowing to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and then being tasked with protecting a prezident (obama) who for all intents and purposes is the enemy.

    Being the true patriot that i am , in case of an attack I guess I would have to effectively stand down and protect my other service members.
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