this board is just for amusement

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  1. everyday lots of guys are busy with writing message board, they talk big, brag, try to get some attention, pretent to be master traders, try to show emtions..... what a board?

    do you have time to study the market and trade? I doubt it!
  2. I'm the real deal, I walk the walk.

  3. Somehow you seem a little late on this one :).


  4. WHY NOT?

  5. I suck and am down more than anyone here this year. REAL money not some douchebag playing in a demo account. I probably fucked up my all retirement plans and will be going back to a job and position trading.

    I find it pathetic to even post on a forum. But it kills time leaving it in the corner with my streamer to kill time. Also prevents me from making a stupid trade and once in awhile I might find something interesting. Highly amusing as well.
  6. This guy lets the cat out of the bag.

    No shit this board is full of idiots.

    Chat during the day has far more true traders than "Blogs" and "Posts".

    The 9 to 5ers can't get on chat due to internet "Watch" by their bosses. Helps to weed out the idiots.
  7. Wow--now I'm convinced you're a trader from your keen level of observation and ability to spell.

    What market you trading tomorrow?
  8. doli


    I may be the biggest loser.
    Lost 5K to Chas. Schwab once.
    One day lost 6K, then out of stubborness
    made it back the next day (1000s of shares
    of MSFT).
    Doing better now, though. Having
    a day job prevents me from day trading,
    so I only buy at support and sell at resistance,
    with a good stop. Made 16000 last year.
    On track for about 12500 this year.
    Beats trading for a living.
  9. Have you BACKTESTed your trading approaches?


    Maybe online Lottery is more real than the markets and it's free
  10. Do you?
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