this black friday was not worth it

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dividend, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. what's with all the mail in rebates... retailers want to book revenues for this year and send out rebates next year?

    not worth it imo... gonna wait for better deals.
  2. hehe. nevermind. went to staples 10 mins before it opened and with my clawz i grabbed that 19" samsung for 200$
  3. Bob111


    you should add 200gb maxtor HD for $30 + dvd writer for $20
  4. Which Samsung model? I recently bought a 940B for $350.
  5. it is the 914V... actually i bought it to arb it. ill prob resell it for ~$290 to earn the rebate... not bad for 40 min of work.

    (914v is analog, no dvi... thats not a bad price u received 4 the 940b... but generally, if u have a good vid card w/ good ramdac and a good lcd then there is little difference bet. vga and dvi... (is it worth a $100+ premium? (maybe, if u can notice it)))...

    and i didnt do the harddrive because i have no need for it :) i dont have much trading pr0n :(
  6. btw, judging by the way lcd prices are behaving i would expect midgrade 19" 12ms to fall to the low low low 200$ mark by march 2006... so if u can wait that longs its prob worth it to wait.
  7. I think half of the stuff sold at these super sales will end up being resold. Thats all people talk about now flipping it for a profit, probably all are ebay bound. I read somewhere that a single person purchased all the big screen tvs at a sale , surely to resell. They need limits, the profiteers are taking all the fun out of holiday shopping.