This Bears plan of action

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  1. Keeping with the plan, just loaded the boat with at or in the money puts on the S&P, EWH (Hong Kong), and FXI (China).

    I expect a volitile October.

    Good Luck all!
  2. seems a bit early, but we'll see
  3. told you :D
  4. Are you serious???? This is an options plan, not a day trade! Do I claim to pick THE top of the market??
  5. S2007S


    Finding the top in the emerging markets is not going to be easy, however even if he is in as of last week it doesnt matter, why?

    When the Emerging markets do decide to cool off its going to be a very quick 20-30% drop, even buying puts today is NOT a bad idea, I think the emerging markets are due for a substantial correction.

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. Here's a thing I will never understand on this board: There are 8000-9000 issues traded on the major US equity exchanges. Why select one of the strongest and highest momentum charts to establish bearish positions on is beyond me. Why not select a weak chart and buy puts on that rather than becoming short squeeze fuel in EEM/FXI/BIDU/CROX/RIMM etc. etc.?
  7. Interesting how quickly this thread died off :confused:

    Still 15 trading days left in October, surely enough time to crash 20% overnight :D
  8. Yeah, those March put losses are just killing me!! Boy, we should all learn a lesson here and listen to Makloda, he is so smart.

    BTW, really nice breakout to new highs. All this follow through is running me over, I don't know if I can tell which way is up!

    Bulls are all cheering and toasting with their dicks in their hands, not noticing that the follow through is nowhere to be seen. I think the keg must have floated.
  9. dot fight the market on the way up

    easy way to lose money

    when it is really time to go short you will know
  10. I think as Q3 earnings and Q4 forecasts come out we'll see this was the top for now. Weakening business conditions will get reflected in prices as rumors and news hit, IMO.
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