This awaits the longs at tomorrow's open

Discussion in 'Trading' started by turkeyneck, Jan 21, 2008.

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  2. 5 new threads today, all talking about the same thing.

    The pinnacle of efficiency. Good Job
  3. ssblack


    OP, your handle is appropriate with this posting. Now if only tomorrow were Thanksgiving... :D
  4. Why dont you use this to trim away some of that holiday neckfat big guy?

  5. LoL

    Let's face it. It's all up to Bank of America. If they report good earnings, the market will recover.
  6. Surely you jest! :)

  7. How about Pay Per View public executions to bail out the economy?

    I might go as high as $50 to see Cramer's neck in there. (Well, if I had a TV set and cable.)
  8. Well, at least I'd know what to spend my $800 Gummint welfare rebate money on. lol
  9. Cocaine, I didn't see the post TheKin2 made because I have him on ignore, but thanks for showing me that gem. It's amazing to realize that there are people so uninformed that they really think that BOA reporting will change this plunge.

    I had a PM today from a guy I don't even know, ranting and raving about the crash and asking me if I was 'happy now'. This has taken out a lot of people who figured that the indices would be a safe buy on Friday afternoon. A lot of guys around here are underwater right now.
  10. I just regret not going all in on SDS on Friday.
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