This afternoon a rally perhaps?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Steelhead, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. 1191 ish is just about .382 back from yesterdays range
    any special thoughs out there?
  2. Yeah. You should post a more confident title than "perhaps"

  3. this move is exactly why,,,, noone really knows
  4. Kinda disappointing considering Crude Oil was down over 2% today. :eek:

    The only good news is that the Semi's were strong compared to the overal market. Semis up today

    Fortunately markets rebounding off their lows. Tomorrow should be better
  5. bighog

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    The outlook for rates is up, up further than many thought.

    The prices paid index in the 1200 et report said prices paid were the highest paid since 1980,

    Inflation is alive and well...thus rates could go well past 5%. How about this scenario: Inflation up and growth either down (SIC) or stagnant.

    The deficits, gas prices etc are starting to flow through the economic pipeline as indicated by the latest PPI report, todays prices paid component raised a few eyebrows.

    Remember the little guy that said: DAPlane, Daplane......Now i say: DaScreen, DaScreen...:D