This 1962 Life issue Parallels everything going on today.

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  1. Wow top tax bracket was 90%!!!

    There are some Millionaire 1040's in the article discussing Millionaire's Tax.

    Pictures of the 1040's etc..

    Cap Gain back then was 25%
  2. Arnie


    Maybe the "Nifty Fifty" will make a come back.

    Old guys will know what I'm talking about. :D
  3. TGregg


    Check this part out.

    Holy #@*^! $511 a month in 1962 is like $3600 today (see ). And $50 is equal to $352.

    So his gross is 3600 and he ony shells out less than 10% for all his payroll taxes including social security! And he gets money back every year. How far we've come in 58 years. :(
  4. What about Ling-Temco-Vought, Gulf & Western, Avco Corp etc..