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    Investing in Third world shares might seem like a needlessly risky and complicated thing to do, but its not as difficult as might be imagined and there are some good reasons for doing it.

    For example if you wanted to invest in oil companies, you would have done a lot better in the last couple of years with Thailand’s PTT than Exxonmobil.


    Today PTT has a pe of 8 against XOM’s 14.

    My investments in Thailand over the last year have done OK (I’ve detailed them here )

    I’m surprised how little interest there is in this area….
  2. how would a US citizen be able to invest in PTT

    for example?
  3. gbos


    This kind of returns is not very uncommon also for some European exchanges (bull market) plus you have a lower currency risk as the quotes are in Euros. For example the 1- year charts for 4 of the biggest cap stocks in the Athens stock exchange.

    a bank


    a telecom


    an oil comp


    a betting comp (this had an IPO of 5 euros per share and has now a cap above 8 billion euros)


    P.S. This is not a suggestion for entering at these levels :)
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    Contact one of the brokers on this page

    All you need is a certified copy of your passport. Unless you live in Thailand you can't buy shares on margin.
  5. I would like to buy shares in Indian companies. Any idea how I can do this. Thanks
  6. check out IFN and IIF - both india based ETF's.

    while you are at it check out ILF .... woof! to the moon...
  7. zdreg


    ifn and iif are not ETFs. they are both closed end mutual funds with all their disadvantages.
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    i recall goldman paying a large premium
    for shares in a publicly traded thai hotel chain at the bottom of the asian crisis.
    I don't recall the name but suspect it worked out very well.

    how does a foreigner open a thai brokerage account?