Third World Country Brazil's 2 largest cities hit by blackouts

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  1. Third World Country Brazil's 2 largest cities hit by blackouts

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) - Brazil's two largest cities have been hit by a massive blackout that has also affected other parts of Latin America's largest nation.

    Media reports say problems at a huge hydroelectric dam are to blame for the electrial outages affecting large parts of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and other cities in several states.

    The G1 Web site of Globo TV says Brazil lost 17,000 megawatts of power after an unspecified problem happened at the Itaipu dam that straddles the border of Brazil and Paraguay.

    Officials did not immediately comment on Tuesday's outages. The blackouts came three days after CBS's "60 Minutes" news program reported several past Brazilian power outages were caused by hackers. Brazilian officials played down the report.
  2. Where is South America now to tell us how great Brazil is?
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    no power :D :p
  4. haha! good one!
  5. Let's not throw rocks at the American glass house, guys.

    Didn't NYC & entire east coast have a similar outage for several hours a few years ago???
  6. Hey, that was a squirrel in Cleveland, not hackers.

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    He's waiting for Al Whore to get elected POTUS and solve the energy issues of the world.
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    nahhh just goes to show no infrastructure is fully safe...or secure.
  9. southamerica: reply to m0m0/ph0x

    It is a conspiracy by the freemasons, the teamsters, the illuminati, and the local high school chess club. We will rise from darkness and settle into a shade of comfortable gray.