THIRD WORLD AMERICA: Class War Gets Violent In Chicago Read more: http://www.huffing

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    Man, I could go with some urban hunting. How much for a drive by Safari in Chicago? Is it cheaper if I go on a farm (aka public housing)? Is the mounting included? Licenses are provided?
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    Inappropriate for a moderator.
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    Oh, blow it out your ass. A mod is a person, too. The mods of this site aren't priests. It's a fucking trading forum website. Get over it.

    No rules in the basement anyway.
  5. Take that baby him or her away from the African mother, away from the African community, away from the African experience, and put them Africans at the breasts of Yale, Harvard, University of Chicago, those trinity schools, UCLA or U.C. Berkley. Turn them into biscuits then they’ll get that alien DNA all up inside their brain and they will turn on their own people in defense of the ones who are keeping their own people under oppression.
  6. Indeed, but it is still good to know the overall bias. As if we didn't already:D
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    And there's Tsing, resorting to the intellectual "debates" he professes to so dearly love.
  8. This guy is a closet gay . . . . alpha males dont use the word '' Oh ''
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    This year there seems to be a new twist. Black mobs are attacking non-blacks, and sometimes the mob is not doing it for economic gain. For example, on the Fourth of July, eleven black youths---nine of the eleven ranged in age from 14 to 17--were arrested in connection of the beating of a white man steps away from the Magnificent Mile shopping area. The man was struck, fell to the ground and hit his head. He was hospitalized in good condition.

    The police were in plain view during the attack, but the gang didn't care. The police report showed that after they beat the man, "they laughed about the attack while pushing other pedestrians to the ground, and jumping on top of passing cars."

    Quote from the article. Discuss...
  10. So what is your solution?

    You consistently state a problem, what is your solution?
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