third party app to track net liq of account?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Joebone, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Joebone


    I have a TD Ameritrade account. love the options trading there.

    I really want to track the Net Liq of my account without having to do it by hand. Many other brokers offer this feature. It doesn't seem to difficult.

    either way TD doesn't offer it. Is there a third party app i can download and track the net liq of my account with?

  2. thinkorswim shows the net liq
  3. if you want to automate that (e.g. auto-populate a google spreadsheet) - TD also offers a API to pull this data periodically for free.
  4. MattZ

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    Sometimes you can use one platform for analytics, and one for execution.
    So rather than looking for an app you can use a stand alone platform that does provide a live P&L.
  5. truetype


    I think he's asking for historical values of portfolio metrics such as net liquidating value.
  6. comagnum


    Try using the TDA mobile app (Google PlayStore). It provides more info on balances and banking activities than the TOS app. I keep both apps on my mobile devices.
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  7. Joebone


    sorry, should have been more clear... this is exactly what im looking for... the TD API into Excel may be a good option... it just blows my mind that TDA and TOS dont have a way to track historical net liq....

    either a weekly or a monthly or even a quarterly... seems like a no brainer feature
  8. MattZ

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    Are you looking for Options on Equities or Futures? I could do some research for you to help if it's Futures.
  9. truetype


    Monthly net liq is available (unsurprisingly) on your monthly statements.
  10. Joebone


    TD does not offer any way to track net liq in a continuous form..... thanks for your help though... i suppose im (unsurprised) to find a response in a forum with a (condescending) tone

    It seems that the API into excel is the best option
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