Third and final interview at Swifttrade...any advice?

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  1. Yes, that actually <b>does</b> make me respect them more.
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    Yes it's positions, you wouldn't be placing multiple orders anyway (unless they were in different stocks and you were looking to get in many simultaneous positions) - because we're hedge traders.

    The ratio was just an example, it only applies to overnights and isn't a set amount/ratio. It all depends on the trader's positions and account size and how much of h/c charges the trader is willing to justify. So you can see the ratio of orders doesn't mean anything because you wouldn't be getting in and out of positions in the middle of the night, lol.
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    I should point something else out that comparing us or a similar firm to swift isn't the same. We're professional traders (licensed) where only a small percentage of swift traders are.

    Keeping that in mind i wasn't suggesting that a 'casual' trader who's seeking greener pastures would be better off here, i only made this comment with regards to the great swift traders that although their style/methodology wouldn't work here, that if they became successful with little to no training at swift that they could adapt a new style and be very successful elsewhere. Hope that clears a few things up.
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    totally agree on that!

    back in 1999 i was ranked #2 in the world in a online real time strategy (RTS) game called Starcraft Broodwar., also won 7 live tournaments in different countries.

    hope that skill will transfer me into a good trader

    :D :D :D
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    Side question: How did you answer the question regarding the damaged CD?
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    No way... Now I've seen everything. Grrr is that you? Froz? Elky? I know you ain't boxer. Or some crazy korean with 300+ APM. Here I go off on tangents...
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  7. A profitable Swift trader is as good as or even better than any professional trader. You have to be really good to make $7K a day with only a 2 cents maximum loss tolerance per trade.

    Swift traders don't have licenses because they don't need them. There's a reason that Beck won't allow any Swift branches in the USA.
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    Better than professional traders...I guess i missed the article about them in trader monthly.

    Ha ha, you actually think ecn credits is a viable strategy. Swift trade is a gimmick, no methodology they use will stand the test of time.

    If you had bothered to read the next line you would have read that an elite swift trader could do very well at a professional you want me to translate?
    If you're making 7k a day at swift with no training, shit software and all the other faults you can think of you could be making that much or more (and keeping 100%) elsewhere. My reference to being licensed was a generalisation, meaning that the majority of us are here for the longterm - the majority of swift traders definitely aren't.
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  9. i have been reading your posts in the swifttrade threads.. i wonder, what kind of secret strategies do you teach, or 10 years ahead software tools do you use that you think swifttrade's best traders cannot figure out for themselves?
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    Statistical Arbitrage, nothing no swift trader can't learn or figure out because there's hundreds of these strategies out there (think convertible bonds for one)

    I don't know why i have to keep reiterating this...It has nothing to do with them, the traders.

    It has everything to do with the culture of swift trade, the controls swift places, - no 'real' methodology will ever come out of swift's system, but what they got is working for them so i don't blame them for sticking to it.

    Anyways i've said more than enough, I just wanted to make a point and it seems i ruffled a few feathers...if your happy and successful at swift, that's all that matters.
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