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    Anybody uses Thinkpipes? If so, what is your view on the system. Can you compare it with REDI?

  2. Bounce... I would like to know if anyone is on Thinkpipes. Thanks.
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    I would like to use ThinkPipes, too. I'm just not ready to deal with the complexities of integrating a FIX interface.

    I would just prefer a C# .NET component that wraps the FIX interface.

    I haven't found a C# .NET component that wraps the FIX interface for a reasonable price (or maybe I haven't been looking in the right places).
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    I just got rid of redi and went to thinkpipes.Much more a hog on resources,but faster than redi.Better charts,overall better than redi.
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    Thanks, good to know.
  8. I have used Thinkpipes and had major issues with the platform, using them as a broker, and customer support in general. I would recommend anyone to stay away at all costs.

    They will promise you the world and never deliver. You can PM me if you need anymore information.
  9. I mostly trade options and futures, what do you guys use for your pos analyzing software?
  10. I also use TOS retail platform and it is easily the best of the 3.

    Redi is built for the hedge fund and institutional crowd whereby both sides have programmers and high level tech support talking to each other. It's not for the independent self-directed trader in my opinion. I used it for 6-7 years and did not really like it.

    Thinkpipes is clean and fine but lacks so many features that the Thinkorswim guys have put in the retail platform. Why don't they put the same features in PIPES? For example in the retail platform you can execute a one click order for a multi-leg complex trade entry and exit whereas in PIPEs you can (mostly) do this to enter but not at all to exit. I've put this question to them but heard nothing back yet.

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