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  1. milstar



    Author received customized offer from TOS about margin for futures and commissions struktur ,which is important for
    spread spectrum risk management .


    1. Quote dissemination

    Can experienced operator compare quote dissemination
    - level 2 for stock ,streamer last sales with 20 last sales ,volume,time ,options last sales . Stock,options and future level 2 quote and order routing,handling and execution against
    platform's ,which author knew Ameritrade/Datek,Optionsxpress,Openecry

    TOS provide not level 2 for futures .

    For both platform downloading and web based .
    Which of limitation have web based version ?

    2. Stability and reliability .

    Downloading version need 40 mb downloading.
    From he's experience with downloading as CQG,Ninja,Jtrader,
    Onyx,PFG,TM author can say that great volume of downloading is source of viruses and system crash.

    Is downloading version stable ?

    Comment would appreciated.

    Your respectfully milstar
  2. MTE


    Let me put it this way, the difference between a web-based platform and the desktop platform is like night and day. In other words, the desktop platform is superior to the web-based one.

    The desktop platform is extremely stable!
  3. milstar


    Dear Sir

    Author appreciated your comment .Sorry to inform you,but author tested more as 10 futures trading platform/X-trader not tested/ .Best stable was this ,which have lowest volume to download 1.55mb -openecry future /not fx ,this worst/ .All another ,inparticulary all .net based ,with demand to download java sun and SR have made problem each day from different access in Hamburg,from which AMTD/Datek with complex steamer and Optionsxpress with java push
    worked stable. Graphics by Ox not stable.

    One day ,and this day would comme ,downloading platform crashed and would take all your profit with base capital.

    Best variant -Two version downloading +http with java push,which can work without java push .

    Your respectfully milstar

    P.S. Opinion of author in most of case's not suited to another persons .
  4. MTE


    This day will never come, my friend! My positions are always limited risk, no matter what happens! So there's no way in the world I could lose all my capital in a platform crash, besides should that happen (the platform crash, that is) I can always call my broker and ask to close out all of my positions!

    That's the beauty of having a good broker like Thinkorswim!
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    The guy is in Germany, you gotta give him some credit for trying!

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  8. JackR


    I use the Java package exclusively. I believe TOS provides more functionality in the downloaded Java package. However, they also offer a web-based package of lesser capability that is HTTP-based and can go thru a firewall. It could be used as a backup.

    I have used the TOS Java platform for about two years and never had any virus problems. They seem to do a good job of testing before releasing the update.

    I have a portion of my funds with them and do time-based option spreads which I almost never adjust so I cannot truly comment on the day-to-day reliability as I just put on positions every month as the older ones expire.

  9. milstar



    Dear Sir

    After three days of last october new Java version ,suspect
    you are correct . Last Java work from under heavy netwrok
    conditions from many public access in Hamburg.

    Not from Mcdonald ,but Ameritrade also no
    /OX streamer with lower functionality as TOS
    Java work from Macdonald/

    Will test also Unix version

    your respectfully milstar
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    McDonald's!? Oh, I see, you're flipping burgers and trading on the side!?:D
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