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  1. When I trade, can I trade in single share units or must I trade in 100 share units?

    Can I trade in the traditional sense where I enter the quantity, stock symbol, type of order (such as market, limit, or stop), and price?

    I was wondering this from someone who has used ThinkorSwim. Thanks
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    mostly 'yes'.
  3. You can trade less than 100 shares per trade. And yes to the second part. I suggest you try their papertrader to get a feel for what you can/cant do, but keep in mind the quotes are delayed.
  4. That's fine. I have another that gives real-time quotes. Thanks. I tried the trading feature and while it started off at 100 shares, I was able to change it to one.

    It's a little bit more complicated than what I am used to at other brokers but isn't as bad as the Forex trading model that all it takes is one lousy click to enter in an order. I guess I don't like that I have to click on a bid or ask and just wish I could click on trade and enter it.

    What matters is I understand what trades are being executed, but the functionality is different from what I am used to. I've traded options for three years but am having some difficulty with the paper-money interface. I guess that means I'll need to start with the buy call option before I do the sell call just in case something goes wrong. I love the deep-ITM calls to purchase and I enjoy selling those out-of-the-money calendar spreads.

    Where I was confused was with the setup tab had a default to 100 shares.

    Thanks for any of your help. I am looking at the paper-trading site. I'm using ThinkorSwim since I want to use spreads and really like $3 trades.
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    take a look at the "Active Trader" tab in ToS. sounds like that's what you're looking for.