thinkorswim TOS platform not available for EU citizens?

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  1. I wanted to open a TOS account and found out that as a citizen of the European Union I am not eligible to open an account with TD Ameritrade.
    I just wanted to use the TOS platform for charting purposes. Not necessarily trade there.
    Any ideas? Does anyone have an unfunded TOS account which he doesn't need anymore?
    Thank you
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  2. Robert Morse

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    Where do you want to trade? I would not say that TOS charts are the best part of their service? Very slow.
  3. Peter10


    i have a TOS papermoney account that i have been using for more than 2 years now, all the charts are in real time. I currently use it as my main charting software
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  4. TOS has some other great features I am interested in like TOS on demand and Benzinga Squawk and some more. I am trading US-equities.
  5. Thanks Peter. As far as I know their papermoney account last only 60 days and comes with delayed data if you dont have a live account. Curious how you have a papermoney account for 2 years with real time data?
  6. Nobert


    Same here, best demo when compering with IB, DAS ( because of only 14 days trial ) or Ninja.


    Charting on mobile version works just great.
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  7. How long do you have the TOS demo already and with realtime or delayed data?
  8. Nobert


    So far almost for 2 months, trial time is 60 days, about to end.

    Im not sure you know, is it a real time or delayed.

    But for a peper trade and practice, that has no impact at all (?)

    Mobile charting,




    Trade screen

    Tablet would be even better.


    Im from EU, Netherlands,

    Tho the only thing i had to do to prove It, was , nothing.
    That's for paper account, not sure about real one and different country, e.g Lithuania, was not allowed, even in EU.
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  9. You can get real-time data on TOS paper trading if you call TDAmeritrade and ask for it.
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  10. Good to know. Thank you
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