ThinkOrSwim (ToS) - Hotkey for the symbol field

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  1. Hey everyone, tried searching all online for this and in my hotkey settings for this as I'm sure there is a keyboard shortcut to get to the symbol field of ToS. Can't find anything though. It's the field that you type in a primary symbol you're trading/analyzing.

    Here's an image of the field (sorry it's a link, forum image element is broken. don't use it if you don't trust imgur)
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    Unfortunately, there isn't one. Needless to say, their hotkeys are pretty limited. I wish they would provide one for each drawing tools (eg. trendline, channel, etc).

    In the old days, before being gobbled up by Ameritrade, you could make a feature request and it would often be implemented in the following version. Nowadays, all requests fall on deaf ears it seems. :banghead:
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  4. your saying your looking for a button that you press in which the cursor/typing goes directly to the field where you type a symbol? but WHERE would you want it to go? you can type the symbol so many places if you have them color linked, i got 5 charts for example and on any of them you type the symbol populates on all of them, are you familiar with the color linking?
  5. Yup, I have it color linked — however I’m a keyboard warrior and prefer to stay on it as much as possible. Thought the answer to this would be obvious, but in the main search for symbol bar that appears on almost every analysis/trading tab (trade, chart, etc). Should be only one of those.
  6. I think ctrl and tab gets you there but u might have to press it several times or ctrl alt shift and tab