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  1. These dark colors are hurting my eyes. It's the weekend so I doubt I will get support, but how do I make the fonts bigger and make the arrow buttons brighter so I can actually see them?
  2. MTE


    You can change the color scheme and font size by clicking on "options" in the log-in window (i.e. the window that opens when you double-click on the thinkorswim icon and before logging in)
  3. They don’t answer the phone but they will answer emails on the weekends. As MTE said you can change both the font size and color scheme from the login window, but they don’t really spend much time on the white and metal background since almost all their traders use the black one. You can change the colors and background of any chart by going to the settings menu. That said, I wish they would give us more control of all the colors on all the pages.
  4. lo, I had the same problem. The color contrast was vicious and the fonts were too small. MTE's suggestion is the correct solution to the problem.
    To be more specific... in the lower right corner of your log in screen you will find the options button. Before you login, click on this button. It will bring up a dialog window with about 8 different settings that you can change. The background colour is the top most setting. If you click on it in the extreme lower right corner, it will come up with a little dialogue box with three choices...choose the "white" one.
    Then, in the second row, you will see fonts. You can then bring up another dialogue box and choose from about 5 different sizes. Play with it a bit, and you will be able to find a setting that gives you less eyestrain.
    Don't play with the third or fourth row settings. You need to keep them the same; otherwise your connection will get messed up.
    You can also play with the settings for computer use if you need to dedicate more horsepower to TOS. Hope this answers your questions and helps you avoid thick glasses LOL
    Happy trading!
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    Thank you for this! I was going crazy too. I like the "metal" theme (offered from the Configuration tab on the login screen, alone with "black" and "white") and large fonts. Whew.