ThinkOrSwim - Real account just as slow as Demo?

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  1. Hi ThinkOrSwim users.

    I have read many complains about the lagging/slow data on ToS. I have tried their demo and can see that its a little slower than my IB. Especially during fast movement in the market. I was wondering if its the same on a real account? 1 or 2 tick bad fill can cost a lot in the end so perhaps its better to use another software with IQ feed.

    Hope to hear some feedback.
  2. TOS has categorically stated they really are not interested in customers who get worried about dropped ticks here and there. Remember: they are an OPTIONS broker for the most part who just happen to offer forex and futures. They are NOT out to compete with IB, Global, Infinity, etc.
  3. Even IB tends to drop ticks now and then. Never used Global so don't know much about their data quality.
  4. I've had conversations with the "powers that be" at ToS and the latest platform version is way faster than previous versions because ToS felt that they needed to give equity traders a better data-feed. They "tweaked" their data-feed and the demand for updates of their product mix of equities, options, futures, etc., and in doing so they were able to increase the speed of the platform for equity traders.

    Before, ToS throttled "back" the data-feed on the ToS platform because they felt that the retail trader's hardware platform might be overwhelmed "resource-wise" ( processor speed, RAM, etc. ) The ToS feed has essentially been a "snap-shot" feed and not one that shows ALL ticks.

    The professional platform that ToS offers, called ThinkPipes is pretty speedy but requires certain capital and monthly volume requirements.

    Do a search for my previous posts on this subject.
  5. TOS is great, but you will be disappointed if you're looking to tick your way to profits.
  6. TOS is not for daytraders IMHO.
  7. I would agree.
    But ThinkPipes is.
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    If you're looking to be scalping for ticks, then yeah, TOS probably won't work for you. I'd say TOS is not good for TICK-traders, but it's othewise perfectly fine for day trading.

    I've been using TOS to daytrade the /ES and other futures for the past year and for me it's been fine. It's all what and how you trade....
  9. Thanks for all your replies. Appreciate it.

    I can definitely feel that ToS is not the best for scalping. Its not that I only scalp for a few tick but I do use tick chart for entering trades and if I get filled 1-2 tick later because of slow print of bars then its not worth saving money on datafeed.
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    I looked through your previous post but could find what I needed. Do you know what type of capital and volume do they require?

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