thinkorswim prophetcharts lines move and expand

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by inks2002, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. when I create a channel on prophetcharts in the thinkorswim desktop platform and then decide to right click and hit "move" or "duplicate" once I start to move the chart it seems to expand and rotate the channel for some reason, changing what it looks like from the original....anyone have this issue? What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  2. no one has prophetcharts on thinkorswim? can someone please try this out.....

    create a channel, right click and move it, see if it changes size and dimensions. Pllleaassee thank you.
  3. RM686


    was going to open 2 accounts with them , had the fromrms filled out and readt to tranfer the accounts from another broker. Called tech support twice and got voice mail. This was just to test the support. I called customer service and asked them if tech support was voice mail and they said only when they are busy. I asked when are they busy and did not get an answer. The calls to tech support were 2 different days and at different times.
    I never opened the acconts.
    Good luck on getting an answer.
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    Within the ThinkOrSwim desktop application, you can contact support directly using chat. Always works for me.
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    I dont use chat. Find comunicationg by voice much more effiecient.
    Find chat a waste of my time and have no use for services based on them.