Thinkorswim problem

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  1. This week i signed up for an account at TD Ameritrade.

    I downloaded their thinkorswim plattform and installed it.

    First it searches for updates and then
    there is a green rectangle indicating, i suppose, that the update is finished.

    Unfortunately the program freezes there.
    Its just the windows circle indicating its loading but nothing happens.

    I have tried everything i know of.

    1. I download from this site

    2. I have tried both versions and have tried to reinstall them.

    3. I have deleted the usergui folder.

    4. I have turned off my antivirus program. Avast antivirus.

    5. I have turned off my firewall. Inside Avast.

    6. I have tried starting the program in troubleshooting mode.


    Nothing works.

    I have a windows 10 computer. Im at home so there shouldnt
    be any network issue that i have not already tried i think...

    I have never had this problem with any other software.

    Has anyone else had this problem and been able to solve it?

    Or is there a computer savvy person out there who can help me?
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  2. Also i have tried to put a "1" at the end of the folder name where the program is installed.

    This was the last and final advice their support was able to give me.
  3. gkishot


    Do you mind to post a screenshot?
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  4. First this


    Then it freezes here.


    If i click on the above.

    I get the message

    "thinkorswim desktop application does not respond"

    Is it something on my computer that is blocking thinkorswim?

    I have never had this problem with any software before.
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    Not even a ToS user.

    (But! {he whispered...} this really smells of a browser issue. Maybe a quick re-fresh of Firefox or whatever? THEN re-load?? I guess I'm suggesting a corrupting of the download that might be curable.)

    Also, although ToS is mostly operative throughout the weekend, maybe they are updating servers/such, and your issue may disappear before Monday morning??
    If your issue came up on Friday morning, well,..... you're still toast. Sorry!
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  6. It has been like this all week.

    It is a desktop application. Can it still have something to do with the browser?
  7. gkishot


    What is the folder you run it from?
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  8. C:\Program\thinkorswim1

    With the 1 suggested by support as a way that might would solve the problem.

    Earlier it was the default

  9. gkishot


    This is your local folder, right? Try to uninstall this version, delete 'thinkorswim' folder and then reinstall it from tdameritrade website.
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  10. O(1)


    maybe try to make sure you have the latest java and then use add/remove to uninstall, reinstall
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