ThinkorSwim platform under Java 6

Discussion in 'Options' started by syswizard, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Has anyone experienced any problems in using the TOS desktop program after switching out the jre folder contents for the latest Java 1.6_11 edition ?
    I can't believe they still insist on using the 2 year old edition of Java as a warning box comes up if you replace the jre folder contents.
    If the techies there are supposedly so good, why haven't they been able to get their code to work with the faster and more efficient edition of Java ? Support there will not answer the question. I don't quite "get it"...what's the big secret ?
  2. Anyone using TOS Desktop ?
  3. Windows is shit.

    It will work perfectly good on a Macintosh computer.

    Buy a Macintosh Pro and 2 30 inch screens and your good to go.