Thinkorswim platform: speed issue

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  1. Today, on Thinkorswim, my orders & quotes were lagging. Could this be a product of the speed of my processor & my RAM (as I use a lap top--Pentium 4)? Or did others with high speed & high memory experience the same?
  2. ..... same experience .... will change brokers as soon as possible.....
  3. Do you have a fast processor, and high RAM?
  4. I didn't have any problems
  5. Very important for me to hear that. Were you trading actively the last two hours?
    Do you have a high speed processor & high RAM?
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    I've noticed that from time to time as well. Check your internet connection, mine is a bit buggy.

    So is more people having the problems as well?
  7. Well i have this issue, this so called pause-freeze for couple seconds problem once in few days,( today was that day) when market is heavy .Usually charts that lagging for couple seconds (when market is heavy)but this last month quotes started to freeze for couple seconds to. This starting to piss me off and i have brand new dell with 4 GB ram .I talked to tech department but they said that no one complained about that, yea right.
  8. and i have fastest comcast connection they offer maybe thats comcast that fucks things up, because i have another pc with dsl connection also fastest they offer and i run paper money on it i run charts 4 monitors, believed or not charts are not lagging and neither are quotes
  9. Yes, active all day.

    My machine is a dual core 2.4ghz with 2gig ram (planning to upgrade ram). I'm connected to high speed cable with fairly big pipe.

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    I've also noticed this several times in the past few weeks. Usually lasts 4-7 secs but have seen it last ~30 secs (seemed like forever). Have not had it happen this week. It is not likely to be my computer or pipe (both are much more than I need to trade). A few times I have had 2nd broker open which did not have issues. The one time I called - they said the system had a 'hiccup'.

    While I like many things about ToS, I've migrated from mostly options to mostly futures over the past year or so and their platform has not been optimal for that arena..... I've started my research for a change ...

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