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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Frenzyy, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Frenzyy


    Hi, does anyone know of a way to access TOS outside of the US? I live in the UK. I knew a way about a year ago which worked for 6 months but they ended up blocking it so thought I'd try on here.
    To be honest, if somebody lives in the US and is not using it and wouldn't mind sharing it then reach out. I'd be willing to pay if not for free...

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  2. Robert Morse

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    Why the reliance on to TOS? We do offer accounts in the UK, would you like to take a look?
  3. tommcginnis


    I know it's covered in gobbledy-gook, but what any {retail} broker/platform provides, they provide in the full gaze of
    1) taxing authorities
    2) exchanges
    and if you can mollify/be sensitive to those two concerns, you can navigate easier.

    If ToS doesn't 'do' UK? (And, truly, are they only U.S.?? I had no idea.) Whatever: you need to get a U.S. entity to legitimize funds (i.e, make yourself known to taxing authorities [I.R.S.] via a recognized U.S. bank account.

    (Or, you could skip that, and go to a broker/platform that has tooled up to deal with overseas entities/taxing authorities: Lightspeed (above) and IB come to mind.)

    Be patient. The more hoops these guys have you jump through, the less their regulatory ass is in the wind. (And that's a good thing, for all concerned.)
  4. Frenzyy


    I'm not looking to trade via TOS. I already have brokers, just looking to use their platform for charting and the OnDemand feature.
  5. What about using the paper trade mode?
  6. Frenzyy


    While that's available anywhere in the world I believe (I have used it too), it doesn't offer the 2 things I want the most from it- real- time data & OnDemand.
  7. Robert Morse

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    What do you get from "OnDemand" that helps you? RT MD is typical.
  8. Frenzyy


    I just like to go back and re watch the live action. I've tried a few other programs before but none of them were any good unfortunately.
  9. TOS is a good platform, easy to program indicators, but OnDemand is a joke, very slow to load if load at all
  10. OnDemand stopped working about a year or two ago for me. I'm sure Ameritrade is fully aware of it. They're just not interested in putting resources into it.
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