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  1. I've been using ToS for a couple of years now and believe they are hands down the best broker out there. My only complaint is their lack of a trading platform for options on index futures. It was not until recently that they added futures trading and I was concerned that it might be some time before options on futures becomes available.

    I called ToS and they stated that it would be ready by mid-year the latest, but wanted to confirm whether this is in fact the case or whether I should realistically expect a later date.

    Any inside info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Thats weird, I was just emailing TOS about this... I see the grains are there (ZC,ZS & ZW at least) on the tradescreen, however, the options aren't quoted just yet, I'm assured soon though... They plan to offer CME FX futures in the next few months.
  3. I was considering signing up with OptionsXpress now that they've purchased XpressTrade. What exactly is it about TOS that makes you prefer them?
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    TOS trading platform is superior!
  5. Agree with MTE. Also have great customer service. My intention was never to leave ToS, but to open a separate account with another broker if it turns out that I would have to wait a year or more for the options availability on futures.

    I was looking for feedback from other ToS users before I go through the pain of opening, funding, and getting acclimated to a different interface (which will most likely be inferior). Total pain in da ass process.
  6. "TOS trading platform is superior!"

    Interesting. I've heard the opposite from several people as well. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to pick one and see how it goes.
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    Have been using TOS for nearly a year. Closed my account at optionsxpress and Alaron and put everything into TOS.

    I cannot imagine trading with anything but TOS platform and tools. The only thing missing is implied volitality and back testing capability, which should be coming in the next couple of months.
  8. Had no idea that was in the works. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. That's interesting. If you talk to the people at OptionsXpress, the thing they stress the most is their superior technology.
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    ox willl have to find something else to brag about. tos is blowing them away.
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