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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by sherko, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. sherko


    i'm willing to pay $50 a month for anyone not using their thinkorswim with the "ondemand" feature to do backtesting ,the account must not be active cause i'll be using it a lot just for the purpose of seeing historical data ,i won't be using the account in any other way ,other than implementing and testing strategies .

    please PM me or Email me to discuss it further if you're willing to do it

  2. piezoe


    Thinkorswim has no account minimum, though there are minimums for opening certain types of accounts. Why not just open an account! You can always close it again later, though it would cost you $75 to do so unless you actively trade the account.
  3. sherko


    TD ameritrade makes it difficult for foreigners to open an account ,they require that i have a certain type of paperwork that is going to take months to get in place .
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  5. piptek


    Why will you struggle to pay $50.00/month with a most garbage buggy software. Unless you have other plan to get in someone's real time account. Because ondemand works only on realtime funded account. I would suggest go and download ninjatrader or sierra chart and use replay utility. Both works great. Sierra chart trial expire after 15 days, before trial expires I advise you to download the data and practice even after trial expires. They are more responsive and accurate than thinkorswim.
  6. And why are you reactivating a 4 year old thread?
  7. henricks


    I'm seeking the same feature for make backtesting manually. I'm a foreign and i can't to open a thinkorswim account. I tried ninjatrader and sierra chart but isn't the same like thinkonswim ondemand.

    I'm looking for any alternative. Do you if tradestation have this feature?

    thank you