thinkorswim now has free S&P 500 futures pit squawk

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Tom B, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Tom B

    Tom B

    TOS just added a cool new feature. Free pit noise with Ben Lichtenstein through the TOS platform.
  2. rickf


    Whie I find it distracting as a trader (I don't use TV let alone music) I do like listening in from time to time. Kind of nifty. :)
  3. tells ya something about what its worth

    ps I dont see it on the 'free' account
  4. Shagi


    So pit noise will now change the P&L from red into green. good luck
  5. tgtrader


    where is this feature in TOS???
  6. Better to put an egg beater in ur head and turn real fast


    Some like it, I cant stand it
    good luck with it though
  7. Go to Support/Chat - Chat rooms - Market cast to listen between 8:20am - 3:20 pm CST.

    Glossary of frequently used terms:
  8. Haven't actually listened to it myself, but Squawk Box being what it is, I betcha it's what you call noise.
  9. My friend listens he says once in awhile a nugget other than that just white noise.
    #10     Nov 3, 2009