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    Hi, I work for a market research and consulting firm. I am a senior analyst and my work deals mainly with active trader software and platforms. This month I am putting together a newsletter article about thinkorswim. Specifically, it will focus on how TOS makes itself stand out from all the other online brokerages. I would love to get an interview with someone from ToS. Does anyone in the forum have any input? What do you love about ToS? What do they have that other brokers (ETRADE PRO, FIDELITY ACTIVE TRADER PRO, STREETSMART PRO, etc, etc...) do not offer? Thanks for any feedback you can offer.
  2. Three great things about TOS:
    1) they listen. Great customer service. I even get a word into the execs and the CTO.
    2) they respond. Bugs get fixed quickly. Data feed problems are addressed immediately.
    3) they perform. The platform is always well-tested before each new release and never goes down.
  3. We have had experience with several on line and regular brokers. TOS is head and sholders above them all with outstanding customer service, unbelievable platform and great execution. I only wish they offered options on futures (which they say they will do so soon). If you go to the ET broker review forum all the users of TOS have nothing but high praise for them. The only negative review was from a NON-user.
  4. For example

    A while ago I emailed a routine question via their general help email address. I got an answer from Tom Sosnoff (co-founder of the firm) directly.

    Superior technology, frequently improved and expanded. Multiple products to trade. Above all, very focussed on customer education and service.

    I have no affiliation with them. Just a very happy customer.