thinkorswim laggy on my PC. Time for an upgrade?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by vic38, Nov 30, 2019.

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    Maybe it's the TV trader module slowing it down? I got about 60 level2 windows open and it uses 1500mb ram. I don't use it for charts.
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    I don't think that's possible. Since it's built on Java, they don't have access to that low-level memory control. Also, there would be no reason to do that and most computers have integrated graphics have to use the main system memory anyway since they do not have dedicated memory for graphics.
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    Kinda irresponsible to buy something and then return it because the problem turned out to be something else. Why should the store / manufacturer / other consumer have to fund someone else's shot-in-the-dark troubleshooting efforts?

    OP: Post this question over at a more computer-hardware-oriented forum such as hardocp or Tomshardware. If you have not already, install a later version of Java...could be related to a software bug in the JVM that later got fixed. Make sure you install the 64-bit version of Java otherwise you won't be able to use more than about 2-3.5 GB of memory. Also update to the latest graphics drivers if you have not already.
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    I doubt it. Garbage collectors has been a very heavily studied and optimized area. A lot of thought has gone into it over the past 2 decades. There are some tradeoffs between latency, CPU overhead, and memory usage, but for the vast majority of use cases, it's best to leave it alone. Most of the garbage collection issues can be completely avoided by good programming. I don't think it will really benefit in this case. Would make sense to upgrade to the latest JVM.
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    Java already sends update notifications all the time. I doubt he doesn't have the latest release.
    Store's return policy is up to the store to decide.
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  6. These are interesting screenshots. I agree with your comments that CPU and RAM are not fully utilized and therefore don't seem to be the bottleneck. However, what I do notice is that the temperature of your graphics card increases, and the fan speed goes up (the red charts on the right hand side). The GPU clock and GPU memory clock seem to have reached their maximum values. This could be a sign that your video card is reaching its upper limit. A way to find this out would be to further reduce the number of open windows during market hours and see whether the lagging behavior becomes less. I would expect either the temperature to stay lower, or the fan spinning at lower RPM, or a combination of these. Buying (or borrowing) a more powerful graphics card could be another way to find out whether your current card has reached its limit.

    By the way: the charts don't show it, but I assume that your internet connection is sufficiently fast.
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    Good idea, I'll try closing down some charts and see what GPU-Z shows.

    Yeah, network charts seemed odd, but checking, I'm getting 100Mbps download, which should be more than enough for streaming video and quotes.
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  8. This would seem plenty sufficient to me.
    By the way: if you are watching streaming video in parallel to TOS it might be that this video stream is causing an extra load for your graphics card.
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  9. maxinger


    strange ...
    why are you using integrated graphics ports?

    seems like your discrete graphics card is under sized.
    You should have at least 5 ports to support your 5 multi monitors.
    some graphic cards can support up to 6 monitors.
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    Or from my perspective, why not? Up until this thread, I didn't realize that using both integrated and discrete graphics could be an issue. In the absence of any conflicts/issues, using both is the easiest/cheapest way to use multiple monitors. I was using IB's TWS that way without any obvious problems (2 monitors on integrated, 3 monitors on discrete).

    The AMD card I have can support 6 monitors using either a MST hub, MST/daisy chainable monitors, or both (only has 1 DisplayPort). As of right now, I've got 5 monitors all on the AMD card. Integrated graphics has been turned off in the BIOS.
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