ThinkorSwim good for equities and futures trading?

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  1. Anyone having experience with TOS have any comments or thoughts on this broker for stock and futures trading?

    What time frame do you trade using this broker's software/platform?

    I know they specialize in options but curious about their other capabilities and limitations. Any feedback VERY appreciated! Thanks!
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    Think or Swim doesn't offer very many futures to trade. Forget trading the foreign ones or even energy fo that matter. I have really only heard good things for equity/option trading though. And apparently you can trade FX to.

    I can't speak for the platform since I haven't used them (I'm a futures/fx guy so I use IB)



    check out
  3. Reliable platform, reliable data feed. Emini futures commish a bit high ($7 RT all-in) and margin req. is high ($3000 to $4000 per contract).
    Platform is geared for longer-term trading. It's nowhere near Tradestation as far as scripting capability or Ninja Trader as far as advanced order management or user interface features.
    TOS really does not want to compete with Open E Cry or Mirus Futures or the other low-priced emini shops.
  4. TOS specializes in options so if you are an options trader they are one of the best. I am not a stock trader but I have heard they are fine there as well. If you want a broad range of products, reasonably low rates for a small account, and you don't care about customer service then look at IB. I trade futures will TOS and they are good if you are not a high frequency scalper. As to $7/rt for futures, all I can say is you can pay MSRP for a car too, but I wouldn't. There is no perfect firm out there, you should go with which one suits you best. Many people have two brokers to cover most of the bases and have a backup.
  5. I like TOS for options, not for futures and its pretty bad for stocks (and to expensive)
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    Its not just bad for stock, its horrible. I use TOS for option only.
  7. TOS, is geared towards options. However, I use them soley for my 401k, and love them. Customer service is excellent! IF you are thinking about stock trading, go elsewhere.
  8. Could you give a reason why they are horrible with stocks? I have been papertrading stocks thru them, and haven't seen any problems, but I'm to new at online trading, so don't really know what to compare it to.
  9. I'm also interested to know more about TOS from those who actually trade with it.

    So far, all I've seen here on the forums is posts from people who are 'checking it out' and 'paper trading' - but have not gotten any feedback from anyone who actually actively uses TOS to trade.

    Besides it's 'pretty colors' and screens, does it actually provide the functionality needed for a professional trader of equities or even options ? ?

    Is there anyone here on the forums who can tell us they use TOS for their primary trading platform?

    Please do tell.
  10. I thought I already answered this.
    Yes I use them and have for a couple years. I am an options and futures trader and not a scalper so they work well for me and I have negotiated better rates than I can get elsewhere. Their customer service is great, they have good tools for the option trader, and they have good charts. The downside is that they are limited in range of products and they don't have the tools for a scalper. I don't trade stocks so I can't comment on that.
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