Thinkorswim going downhill after TDA

Discussion in 'Trading' started by waterway, Nov 14, 2011.

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    I just got off of the phone after waiting over 5 mins for support. The message came on to tell me that they were not available and would call me back if I left my name and number.

    I have been a client of TOS for over five years now. I NEVER had bad support before TDA bought them out. Why is it that large corporations seem compelled to buy out successful smaller companies that are loved by their customers, and then proceed to run them into the ground with cost cutting that leads to bad service. I am retired IBM and I saw them do the same type of thing over the years I was with them.

    Prior to TDA taking over TOS, I have called on a Saturday night just before midnight with a question that was not urgent. I left a message thinking I would hear back on Monday. Within five minutes I received a call back and got my answer. That was amazing service and because of that sort of support, I sent dozens of my friends to TOS. Now I tell them all to run away. It is not the same TOS. TDA had a horrible trading platform before buying TOS. Now is appears they will ruin TOS and drag it down to their standard.

    Looking now for a new broker. Any suggestions?
  2. I agreed with you..

    I am also in the process to look for a better broker, any suggestion is welcome.
  3. why not go to IB?
  4. Did you try the online support request? I've never even called TOS directly as I've always been able to resolve any questions right away during market hours via the desktop instant messaging.
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    When I email them, I usually get a quick response. I don't use their chat as much since it takes a lot longer. Still one of the best platforms out there and an ok, somewhat expensive broker. The thing I'm worried about IB is that you get what you pay for, a discount broker who cuts corners.
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    The TOS platform that Tom Sosnoff and Scott Sheridan pioneered, is awesome for analysis of options trades. They spent tons of money constantly adapting and adding to it. It is a shame to see it starting to go downhill. TDA management just does not understand options and probably never will. That is why they were unable to build their own platform and had to go out and buy TOS.
  7. The people at OEC are pretty cool as far as customer support if you are looking for an all inclusive kind of broker... well if you trade equities and futures it isn't exactly all in one, (two different accounts) but data and charts are all included. Plus they have a relationship with market delta who's charting software is so sweet. If you aren't big on IB check them out. I have accounts at all 3, TOS IB and OEC and they all have problems once in a while but TOS has had the most as of late. Just on man's smelly opinion :eek: good luck