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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Jreality, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Jreality


    I currently have a TOS account. I am concerned that the DOM (Active Trader) is visually slow to respond to price movements in comparison to other platforms like NinjaTrader and Infiinty's platform. I have a demo version of NinjaTrader running from another broker and Ninja responds much, much, faster to price movements. I realize TOS has a special setting for quotes to be "realtime" and that speeds quote displays and speeds up the bid/ask displays on the DOM, but the DOM is still slow overall to respond to the market movements overall.

    There is a video on YouTube where someone compares TOS to Infinity and the person who made the video claims that the TOS DOM is not only visually slow, but it is also slow to fill your orders as well, so there is more slippage when trading on TOS. I've had a couple of situations where I placed a market order on TOS (not even in the DOM) and had to wait a couple of seconds or more for it to execute so I'm "suspicous" that maybe TOS isn't the best platform for me to use compared to others for futures, and that maybe I'd have a better edge with a different platform.

    I'm just wondering if there are any PROFESSIONAL e-mini futures traders here who have compared TOS active trader with other platforms like Infinity and NinjaTrader and if it's true that the lack of response is more than just a visual feedback issue.

    I'm thinking about opening up an account with Infinity or Amp instead of TOS. Do you think I'll get better fills and execution speed by not using TOS, or is the issue in TOS Active Trader just a lack of visual response, and the fills should be just as good as other platforms?


  2. joe4422


    TOS is slower.

    You should also check out IB. You can use ninja through them too.