Thinkorswim charts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by inks2002, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Got a question, just started using thinkorswim charts and have noticed that when I draw a trendline, pitchfork, support trendline on a one hour chart or daily or 4 hour whatever chart it looks great, buutttttt when I drill down say from the 4 to 1 hour or daily to 4 hour the trendline is all messed up and is not in the same position as when it started. I used to have strategydesk for ameritrade and I really don't remember this happening. Also in something like Oanda charts which suck but never saw this there as well. Am I doing something wrong or will I have to redraw everytime?
  2. I am not having that problem, my trendlines stay where they should. The first thing I would do is call them and walkthrough an example while they are on the phone to see if they see the same thing. TOS has their issues, but one of the best things they have is good customer service.
  3. are you using the webbased trading platform? Thats what i'm using, haven't tried the desktop platform yet.
  4. No, I use the desktop. There is no reason to use the web version, the desktop is great, unless there is some reason you can’t run it.
  5. when I'm at work I'd like to check some of my positions so i'm looking for a platform with good web and desktop. Can't use the desktop version at work.