thinkorswim charting?

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  1. TOS clients,
    How is TOS' thinkDesktop's charting for equities? Pros, cons, comments on the charting and desktop platform welcome.
  2. Download the demo and test it out.

    They have tons of features, some useful, some not so much...but then again, it really depends on your method.

    They have a sharp set up.
  3. Downloaded and played with it, ran through some tutorials.
    Overall impression of the platform was good. The account features I found useful. However, I don't think it suits my trading style, which is based off of hotkeys (I didn't find any documentation on thinkDesktop supporting hot keys). Also, StockHacker, the screener for stocks, didn't cut it (bad pun...) -- too few options.
    Perhaps the demo version "paperMoney" leaves out certain features that the full version has?
    But certainly, not bad for the not-so-active trader who has time to enter orders in by mouse, one field at a time. That is not me.

    And the search continues...
  4. Not sure how hotkey relates to charting (your original question) but regardless they told me that fully configurable quick order entry including chart trading is coming towards the summer.
  5. suedeuno -- its not related. Thanks for the info, did they say anything else, other major features? It would be nice if chart size, colors, and placement (more so than detach feature) were customizable. Clean platform, overall.
  6. They were answering a direct statement I made to them about enhancing order entry. They're constantly adding new features that get requested.
  7. buybig


    10-4 on the hot keys..

    i emailed customer service bout that..

    butttttt... its not a deal killer for me...

    love the platform for what I do....

    always updating and working to improve the platform.. always putting out tuturioals etc..

    good platform good company..

    the real question is does the platform suite your style?

    btw.. thecharting is great..
  8. Before you give up just yet, try this:
    On the left hand side of the ToS platform you should see a button called "Gadgets". Click that and select "Dashboard". Enter in the ticker and the default amount you want to trade. Now you can single click buy/sell all day long. It's not hot keyed...yet, but it is single click buying and selling. Using the detach feature of this dashboard, you can setup dashboards for each equity you trade.

    On charting I only have 1 complaint and that is the fact that I can move the current candle/bar to the middle or left hand side of the charts so I can see trend lines FUTURE levels.

    EDIT: I had never actually used this feature before but apparently is does still require one more click to actually send the order but it does stop all the manual entry. You should also turn off the "Show Order Confirmation" option under Setup. This will stop the "Are you sure" type pop up box when you submit an order.
  9. I assume you're referring to the dashboard. You can bypass the trade screen by setting it in SETUP. Shift-click will execute the order immediately.

  10. Yes I was referring to the dashboard. I didn't even notice that option, thanks. That should definitely make things easier for mad_badger to day trade with TOS.

    If he still needs single press hot keys he might consider an <a href="">X-Keys</a> programmable keyboard which SHOULD (I have not used one for this purpose) be configurable to have one button SHIFT+Click the buy button and another to SHIFT+Click the sell button as well as other stuff depending on how many keys are on the keyboard he gets.
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