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  1. I beside it to forgo all the other platforms that I used and concentrate on TOS.
    But the constant buffering is driving me to drink.
    I have tried this: collect the garbage, increase the memory, install the 64bit version, eliminated charts (i usually run 10 at most), deleted usergui, used earlier setups, especially after hours is not possible to do DD.
    I knottiest the buffering is compounded if I click on several symbols wit out waiting for the chart to populate yesterday after hours it used 2 GB of data and dint get to trade, today after 3 hours in the morning and 700 MB of data I was able to trade now after the bell is stuck on AMZN 500+ MB and nothing is moving.
    Any ideas please help I haded up to here thanks
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    faster bandwidth? better harddrive or SSD drive that have good I/O.
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    1) Use a keyboard for ET instead of your phone, so we can understand you.

    2) Check Task Manager (or whatever similar function for your OS) and insure that you have adequate internet speed *reaching* your computer, and to identify ToS as the resource hog, and to identify whether it's a RAM or a CPU (or, in 2018, even a GPU issue), and whether it is a problem who's character is static, or starts maybe okay, and then builds over time.

    3) (And if you've done step 2, then post that!)
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  4. BTW I do use the keybord

    And if you have a solution maybe you can post back thank you
  5. The bandwidth never was a problem before
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    OP just got p0wn3D with that line. Thank you tom.
  7. Can some one explain what tha heck this mean?
  8. TOS took 800MB of my precious data to lunch the program what does the bandwidth got to do with it? can some one explain that?
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    Sipping a Jack and Coke and listening to my Tinnitus.
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  10. my tos uses up to 2 gig ram at times, but is responsive.

    Buy1Sell2, what tune is it playing?
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