thinkorswim and tdameritrade merger

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    If I open a TOS account, does that account also give me access to all of the tools available through tdameritrade? In other words is there mutual reciprocation between the 2 firms now?

    Also, does anyone have the tdameritrade apex account which gives access to the advanced analyzer:

    If you qualify for TD AMERITRADE Apex™, you receive Advanced Analyzer for FREE!


    Many thanks for any help.
  2. JamesL


    yes - you get one log on for both the TD site and it's web software and TOS platform. All the same account.
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    I don't believe you can open directly through TOS anymore - the site redirects you to TDA's account-opening page. So you don't have much choice there.

    Apex is very easy to qualify for. Five trades per month average, & you're there. That's five trades, not five round-trips. Five Sides.

    I don't know anything about the analyzer, though . .
  4. ddouglas


    Also, btw, if you trade futures at TDA, they will not automatically count toward Apex. You have to email somebody, & make sure that you're put on Apex status. The computer only sees the brokerage (equities-related) trades.
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    Reese Witherspoon former CFO TOS

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  6. Depending on total account size be sure to ask for the "Private Client Services" phone number. (It might be 100k min, but not sure.)

    They answer the phone directly most times within 1 ring - no automated crap.

    I'd tell the number but it should be gotten directly from TD regardless.
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    If you have the private client number I assume youd give TD high ratings?
  8. TD Ameritrade is fine for an average investor or rookie using buy/hold, but not so good for a trader or someone doing alot of option trading.

    The TOS platform is excellent IMO and I would keep a nominal amount of money in TD just to keep access to the TOS platform. (I do not care for web based platforms like TD's Trade Architect as I don't think they are robust enough.)

    ps if you're new to investing, and need hand holding and have enough money to qualify for PCS then I don't think you can get any better service anywhere in the industry - PCS will really bend over backwards for you, and you get 1 ring pickup most of the time.
  9. TDAT are working their retail stuff on Thinkorswim.

    I had options positions on lots of liquid names like F and GM and YUM and when the market opened I saw zero daily P/L even 15 minutes after the open so I called the trade desk and guess what? TDAT had switched me to 20 minute delayed quotes! Worse still, I then realized that some of those trades were placed with delayed data. Unforgivable. This would never have happened before TDAT took over.

    Also I'm getting "low memory" message in the app status line (top left corner of the application) and I'm running 2 CPUs, both with fast chips and 6 megs of RAM in each on Windows 7. It's downhill from here.

    Epic fail TDAT. It's Interactive Brokers from here on for me.
  10. Account size? I've never heard of that before. As others have mentioned, client service is outstanding, assuming a reasonably-sized account.
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