thinkorswim acquired by ameritrade.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by gaj, Jan 8, 2009.

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    If TOS seizes to exist in some form or shape then it's gonna be really bad!

    This is really frustrating. The only bright spot is that I'm long some thinkorswim shares.
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    My understanding is that the transaction is subject to approval of the ToS customers. Why would the Tos customers want to approve this transaction? I don't think it's in their interests.
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    Since when do customers have any say in takeovers/mergers? You are misunderstanding the issue, this is up to shareholders and regulators, not customers.
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    The transaction is subject to approval by thinkorswim stockholders, regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.
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    I finally found a fantastic niche broker with great people, an amazing platform, and wonderful customer service, and now it gets bought by one of the big "retail" players. Ugh.

    At first read, I hope this deal doesn't go through - part of ToS attraction for me is its small, independent size and the lack of corporate "attitude" you see at other firms.

    Interestingly, I've had the ToS client up for several hours, and have seen no alerts or received any email about this deal. Weird.
  8. Shit. I just opened up an account there (still waiting on my monkey :) )
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    Customary closing conditions are NOT customers. Customary as in the usual practice/process of closing the deals.
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    Sorry, my mistake.
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