Thinking Weakens Religious Belief.

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  1. thinking can set you free:

    Analytic Thinking Weakens Religious Belief

    Most of the world’s population believes in God, or gods, but alongside them there are also hundreds of millions of nonbelievers. What makes one a believer or not?
    Religious faith is likely a complex phenomenon, shaped by multiple aspects of psychology and culture, say the authors of a new study. But the researchers, Ara Norenzayan and Will Gervais of the University of British Columbia in Canada, showed in a series of clever studies that at least one factor consistently appears to decrease the strength of people’s religious belief: analytic thinking.

    There are surely many factors at play here, but the researchers say their results suggest that one’s style of thought may be a crucial contributor to religious belief. Intuitive thinkers are more likely to be religious; analytical types, less so. “One explanation for belief is that it is based on a number of intuitions we have about the world around us. People don’t necessarily come to belief because they reason into it. Intuition helps us,” says Norenzayan.

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    Definition of OBSESSION
    : a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; also : something that causes such preoccupation
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    He is a certifiable nutcase.
  4. I never know what to say when a "non believer" sneezes.:cool:
  5. You shouldn't say anything, otherwise you might get a mouthful of snot.
  6. First, comes denial.

    Then, anger:D

  7. "The masses have never thirsted after truth...Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim."
    - Gustave Le Bon
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    Well, it looks to me like you are comfortable being a liar. Must be a cultural thing.

    Its tough to see how you can get satisfaction from being a complete piece of shit but I'm prepared to accept that you are exhibiting your real personality. Good luck with that.

    You don't deal in facts so I suppose there is no purpose in me responding.
  9. Well, as I get older my ability to think declines, hopefully it will eventually decline enough to allow me some religion so I'm not so afraid to die.