Thinking Right - Joel Osteen

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by gotta_trade, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. What do you guys thing about Joel Osteen?

    I just listened to one of his CD's, "It's Your Time".

    He has a lot of Good things to say. A lot of powerful stuff that makes a Big difference?

    So, what do you have to say?

  2. Roark


    Too religious for me.
  3. pma


    I really enjoy what he has to say :)

  4. Yeah, it really is good stuff. It really changes everything.
  5. 1) I'm not one for country-fried, annoying & eternal optimism. :eek:
    2) He could probably be a very "successful" car salesperson or stockbroker too. :(
    3) He could never be a trader. He can't "sweet talk" the market. :D
  6. Well, at the very least optimism sure beats pessimism.
  7. It is the eternal optimists that blows their accounts. You have to be pragmatic to trade - get out when a trade goes against you.
  8. One "pays". The other "sells". :cool:
  9. In a world of duality, balance is the best one can hope for. There is good and bad, avoiding the extremes is what brings balance and success.

    Favouring optimism is just as lopsided as favouring pessimism. Sooner or later the system will revert to position neutral. Sound familiar re: market movement????.

    Oh, let's just hope we can time it right. Right?
  10. He seems like an easy going very modern mid western type of preacher...

    But if his wife has a twin sister i will take the spread on that immediately... :)
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