Thinking or Being?

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  1. you guys who try to Zen your accounts higher really make me laugh ... ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! :D
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  2. Confuscious say: He who has time to make fun of other peoples methods have very small account!
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  3. Confuscious?? Doesn't he trade at Bright?
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  4. "Plan Do Check Action": this is the famous Deming Wheel of Progress from Quality Management Guru Edwards Deming. In fact it is a spiral. And it has now spread in software ingeniering field under several methodologies like RUP (Rational Unified Process) or Extreme Programming that is to say ITERATIONS of process is now at honor. So it has done it after being put in practice intensively in military and industrial fields already for 50 years. I guess that it will take another 50 years to into finance field :D

    Do things LITTLE BY LITTLE and don't try to GET THE PERFECTION IMMEDIATLY or YOU WILL GET THE CONTRARY. This is yes a mental state, a context within which all your other thinking and actions are conditionned by. The mental state is like the market environment: any rule is true within this context and not out of this context. So applying trading techniques without a correct mental state is very difficult. I already said it in other posts: the context is hidden but it is like your spinal backbone without it nothing stands high.

    As a conclusion: "what is NOT said is more important that what is said."

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  5. Transforming idea into act is difficult without materialisation so I always try to realise it concretly for example in my bugit trading software :D

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