Thinking or Being?

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  1. Anybody who has surfed through ET lately may have noticed that I have made several posts regarding the positive mental aspect of the game. Lately I have come to realize that some may misunderstand exactly what a positive mental outlook is. So I thought I might bring some clarity to the subject.

    A positive mental outlook is not really thinking at all. It's more of a way of being. Sure it starts as a thought which basically says, I can. But it must be followed with ACTION. Over time those actions are analyzed and it is decided whether you are moving closer to your desired end or not. Adjustments are made or not made depending on your feedback. Only through ACTION can one learn and then grow.

    Simply staring at the bid/ask spread and telling yourself to be positive will not get you very far.
  2. Should my motto be Spera Et Fac, or Fac Et Spera?

    It doesn't really matter. You have to combine thinking with being.
    Action + Attitude, Attitude + Action. Comes out to the same thing.
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    I would like to know my friend losloslos opinion on this matter.

  4. Losloslos is too busy being to form an opinion right now.
  5. It is very difficult to misunderstand your postings.
    U wish to talk about the fundamentals of your dedision during trading hours. I f your account is rising u r right. otherwise u r wrong.
    In any case the size of your yccount doenst depend on your mental outlook. i deüends on your money management.
    This is not the place to discuss this. I will follow your thread.
    Action , is what you need to show to this fas moving market.
    From this action u will get a feedback; measured in terms of a changin size of your account

    Simply staring at the bid/ask spread and telling yourself to be positive IS THE GAME.

    U have to learn a lot. I m sure u are a bad trader.

    Warm regard. losloslos

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    You could start a whole new thread category. We could call it the Masterbater, oops I meant Master Trader.
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    The size of your account depends on your trading which depends on your state of mind which depends on your trading which depends on the size of your account...........peace.
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    nitro :D :D :D :D
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    When I started researching stock trading I was getting only negative comments from people; "only the big guys....", "nobody can do it", "wrong time", "you aren't smart enough", people were laughing at me for doing so much research, and then there are the academics with their "proofs" that market timing is impossible, etc. I am not the kind of person that can sit there and ajust my thinking to be positive, the most I can do is take a do or die attitude and vow to never give up, but that is not happiness to me.

    I finally took in a partner JUST TO HAVE SOMEBODY ON MY SIDE, he does nothing but prays for the business and reads my emailed updates and gives me encouragement and helps me to cope and plan. I think my wife is actually supposed to do that but she is risk aversive and therefore opposed to trading. The partner has helped while I was learning VBA, EZ Language, TA, etc. He has little to lose and lots to gain so he will never give up and his encouragement just makes life easier for me.

  10. How did you interview or find your partner?
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