Thinking of TI (e-mini) Some advice pls

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    Im totally new to the game, in fact, i havent even started. A friend of mine has completed the Traders International course some 18 months ago and makes a good living from trading the e-mini's. However, before i invest in such a course, i would like to get some feedback from those who have done this course themselves.
    Ive read some forums where ppl cannot seem to find a good thing to say about this course, Ive also read some positive outcomes this.
    For someone who has not got any experience at all, will this course be for me? I work full time and i wouldnt mind trading to earn some extra cash.

    Any feedback, either positive or negative will be appreciated - some direction would be great!!!!

    Thanks in advance
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    This pretty much sums it up.

    You sound sincere, so here goes. Your approach is all wrong. Trading isn't a hobby, it's a business, and if you want some extra cash, you're going to have to work like crazy for it, especially in this world.

    I don't know about TI, so hopefully others will chime in.
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    You'll lose all of your money before you earn some extra on the side trading emini's.

    Perhaps you could look into learning technical analysis/Chart reading/investment style money management and find some position trades (a few weeks to many weeks) via equities to garner some extra cash.

    You have MUCH better odds doing that instead of fettering away your capital trying to take money away from professionals who do nothing but trade for a living.

    :) Take my advice.
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    thanks so far.. like i said, id like some feedback from people who have done the traders international course, if not, then it defeats the purpose of my post in the first place.

    Also, i was looking forward to trading and then i come across this site for some research. After very little time, i come to realise, that this is the most NEGATIVE forum i have ever EVER come across.. There are people knocking others and talking themselves up. PPl are asking for advice and others are shooting them down!!! This is a forum, a place of opinions which im sure youll all agree. However, i believe this site was created from the outset to help and assist those who are in need. PPL, pls stop the HATING and take a breath of fresh air and chill the f*#k out...

    Having said that, if anyone has some constructive advice on my topic, pls tell :)

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    Are you interested in day trading full time or placing trades which you will not be managing on a daily basis?

    There is an great deal of information out there for free, I know this site is very negative to new traders and everyone pretends to be an expert but do not let it discourage you if you are passionate about this you will learn what you need to know very quickly. I wish you the best of luck
  6. If the instructors could trade, they'd trade. The problem is they're not trading, they make their money teaching a course. What does that tell you?
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    Here , here , well said !!

    I do agree with you the points about this forum there is an extreme amount of negative comments , however there are some great threads with which to learn from and a lot of real top notch traders here who often share there insights, the question is just finding the right ones who might be helpful.

    The point in regards to the e-mini trading part-time , it is a very difficult instrument to trade even for us who do it full-time. The comments could be a little more constructive but they are valid in that the trading of this instrument has bleeded so many accounts dry.

    Anyway about Traders International i did come across a webinar that they presented a couple of years ago on the CBOT website
    and watched it . Basically what i can gather was that they make there trades based on oscillator divergences using a couple of indicators such as a MACD and STOCHASTICS on small timeframes such as a 1-min and 3-min chart. when some one in the Q & A session asked what the settings were for the indicators the TI people said that was propriety info. and you would have to enroll in the course to get the rest of the setups and settings.

    Now as far how successful they are at teaching traders or there track record, i dont know.
    However there are many, many, ways to trade the e-minis, if your friend is successful using the TI method ask him does he think you should enroll , i suspect he is successful because he found a method that suits him and is very disciplined and sticks to a set routine day in day have to find a method that works for you and your personality , unfortunately this can take time and i believe this is what some of those comments reflect ,that by the time you find what works for you your account is already in the red.

    The CBOT website under the education and webinar section has alot of presentations showing different styles and methods with which to trade and most importantly they are FREE ?

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    you cant be serious!!!
  9. Montal


    Thanks Rakar - appreciated. I guess i have a lot of researching to do before i invest 7K into this program.
    I will take your advice and run with it..... thanks.
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    Why are you asking ET their advice on TI.....instead of a first hand account from your own FRIEND who has taken the course and is now "making a good living" after 18 months.....why would you even BOTHER posting on ET to total strangers?
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