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  1. I am using qcharts/swp currently and received an offer from IB to sign up with esignal at what appears to be a very good price. Their sales/support is off today and tomorrow and I was wondering if somebody can shed some light on the following questions:

    - is it possible to run multiple instances of eSignal on the same computer. (QCharts only allows one instance, though stockwatchpro (swp) does not have this limitation)
    - is it possible to run eSignal on several computers simultaneously (using the same account). Again QCharts does not let me do it. I have a home network of 5 machines and I can use 3 of them for trading. As soon as second computer gets connected to QCharts server, Qcharts application running on the first machine gets automatically disconnected.

    Thanks a lot
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    Ask them to make sure, but I'm fairly certain you can have more than one eSignal app opened at one time on the same computer unless they've just changed this. I don't usually do this since I have bandwidth problems to begin with right now, but it would be very useful to be able to do this. Sometimes I've inadvertently opened up 2 versions when I didn't realize I already had one opened. Don't know about the multiple machines.
    BTW, eSignal is great IMHO. One of the most useful and best deals out there to my mind. I've used it about 4-5 years and I wouldn't think of being without it. They've really improved their charts enormously with the latest versions. Check out their website and the users site at too.
    PS The standard discount price for the RT equities version of eSignal is $79/mo. if you pay for the full year. Plus you can add other things to this like futures, etc. If you're getting a deal better then that all the better.
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    I know you can run more than one copy on thr same machine, but I do not think they recommend that. Also you can not run on more than one computer at a time.

  4. I'm not so sure you can run multiple instances of esignal at once. I was running esignal and accidently hit it again on the Start Menu and the damn thing totally crashed and wrecked part of my layout.

    As for 2+ simultaneous computers - definitely not. They do offer volume license discounts; I've spoken w/CS rep about it.
  5. I have run several instances of esginal so I know you can do it. Since esignal does not use a multiple document interface, it would be useful in cases where you have two screens and you want to set up 2 layouts- one for each screen and run them at the same time.

    Although I have not tested this, I'm guessing esignal may prevent you from running it across a network: running esignal on more than one machine. Esignal has two parts- the data server and the esignal application. I think they all have to be on the same box.
  6. Could you state what the deal is when they tell you. Details are not posted on their web site. Is it an introductory offer? Does it revert back to full pricing after a period of time?
  7. It was at least 20% off the regular price. At the time I was paying 99 a month and I think it was something like 75-80 for the 2nd. This was close to a year ago so who knows what's going on now.
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    It seems like if you had all your machines connected by a router you'd be able to have it on more than one machine as it would be using only one IP address. Doesn't that sound right? I used to have this kind of setup with two computers and a cable modem but never tried running it on two machines. If I still had this setup I'd check and see for you but I only have one computer right now. And actually if I still had this setup I'd probably run it on several machines too. Sorry, wish I could help you.
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    you´re absolutely right: after accidentally having opened eSignal twice - showing "2 users" - i discussed the matter with eSignal support some time ago. they had no objection to multiple use as long as it´s done through the same IP adress ...


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