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    Hi all,
    I am thinking of starting options trading. Can someone guide me, where to start? I am not sure if similar topic is already discussed. If so, please direct me to that thread.

    I have been equities for close to 3 years. I have been little successful. I am in learning of curve of reading charts.

    Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. A little piece of advice. Don't you touch options.

    Yours Best
  3. I will respectfully disagree with "nomoreoptions". I have found option trading both profitable and very interesting. If you have a good foundation in equities there is no reason not to progress into option trading.

    Having said that...learn as much as you can about options and don't trade them just directionally (as you can do just as well with the stock) but learn how they can enhance your over-all portfolio or having certain option stratagies you can reduce your over-all risk.

    Start with reading...use the search function to find many recommendations for "McMillian", "Natenberg" and other good fundamental books. google options or go to Yahoo boards..optiontradingcoach or optionclub and read the posts there. Take some free seminar's available thru thinkorswim. Once you feel ready to take them on...start very small with a few contracts at a time and learn by doing. Experience is the best teacher. best of luck:)
  4. you also had asked how to save a thread? That is easy...just go to file and send it to your desktop. I have about 10 threads saved to my desktop that I can review and read at my leisure.
  5. There are 380 threads in this forum that cover everything there is to know about options, in many cases quite extensively.
  6. It's a veritable (and free) treasure grove, lol.
    Btw, I like donnav's post, he knows what he's talking about.
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  7. Is Donna a guy or a girl...err woman??
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    are you referring to saving a webpage? this I know.
    I am interested to find out how to save a "thread"... any easy way to save all 250 pages of a popular thread?
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