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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mama vivian, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. I thinking of hiring a mentory by the name of Progers82. do any of know much about his trading. just trying to go to the next level. ive listened in on his paltalk and hes made some good calls. just wondering.
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    Best mentors are free. Try finding a successful trader in your geographic area.
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  4. How much is he going to charge you?

    Does that include a free Teddy Bear?
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but werent you doing pretty well on your own with your homemade system?

    I dont know much about PRogers, but he hangs out in the ET chat room alot of days chatting with ole Nitro and the gang.
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    I would pay a mentor a % of my account profit after testing and talking with him for a bitto make sure he can make money. I have yet to find a offer yet though. I know I need a little help trading but tired of the hundreds of dollars or thousands to shell out to learn nothing.
  7. can you give an example of where you shelled out that money where you learned nothing?
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    Well from Wade Cook to Wizetrade. That about sums it up. If I really want to get upset I'll think of somemore. Seems my training teachers end up in court or outta business. A couple of forex training ( can't remember name). All I have ever received was a bunch of giberish with no one really answering on a entry signal. Wizetrade did say "wait for the green light". Well after all this I did learn something. If you want to teach me you better show me a account statement. So maybe I did learn something after all :)
  9. Noone can help you in this job. That is what you should have learned.
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    Unfortunately, I'm not a trader with any great returns to show for my efforts, but I have recently found a method for determining the most probable market reversal times. I'm still ironing out the rough edges, but I would be happy to send a sample of one week's worth of information to anyone interested.
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